Breath is our life-force. It provides a connection between the body and mind and gives us our connection between the physical and the spiritual. The quality of our breath directly affects the quality of our mind. Breathing / Pranayama excercises are some of the greatest tools we have to give ourselves an experience of calm and a connection to our Inner-most Self. Yet most of us through time have developed poor breathing habits that restrict not just that connection to the self, but also restrict our quality of life & health. This workshop will help you to reconnect with your breath. To understand the nature of the breath and the body’s response to it. It will teach you how to use your breathing to give you an optimal experience both on & off the mat.

In this workshop we will look at the physiology of breathing, the effects of breathing n the physical and mental body, the realtionship between the breath and the main Yogic energy channels in the body.

Through practical application of breathing & pranayama techniques as well as asana practise,  we will discover our own breathing habits, learn how to optimise use of the breath & how to use breath with movement, learn how to incorporate breathing techniques & pranayama into your yoga practise to give you a deeper experience on the mat.

This is an all level class, suitable for anyone who wishes to understand the breath better and make the best use of it both on and off the mat!

Spaces are limited so please book ahead to secure your place. A deposit of 50% is required to secure your place and full payment is required 5 days prior to the commencement of the workshop.

WHEN: Sunday 11th August

COST: $60

TIME: 9.00am

Please call Meaghan on 0415 981 729 for further information or to secure your place.

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