Inversion Immersion

Join Meaghan for this playshop focused on the ‘Inversion’ group of Yoga asana. Learn about the benefits and contraindications of each pose. Prepare and strengthen your body for  inversions. Correct and safe alignment will be instructed and explored for each pose, as well as different entry routes and variations for each pose as well as partner options to make these poses more accessible.

Above all this session is designed to be fun and playful. Prepare to work hard & hopefully laugh harder as we work together to master the often daunting ‘upside down’ yoga poses.

Suitable for all levels of yogis who are interested in exploring these types of poses, leave your egos at the door and be prepared to find the courage to flip your world upside down. Not suitable for anyone nursing a significant injury, please discuss with Meaghan if you are unsure.


WHEN:  Sunday 11th January
TIME:      8.30 to 11.00am
COST:    $40

Categories: Past Events