Take Me Home: Part 2 An Introduction to Meditation Practise


Join Meaghan for this workshop which aims to break down the myths about mediation and introduce it into your life as a practical and accessible key to a calmer, healthier, happier you!

Rates of depression, anxiety and poor health are rising in the modern world, and the ancient art of meditation has been proven to combat these factors. Meditation does not have to be hard or scary. You don’t need to wear robes or sit in a temple. You can fit it into even your very busy lives!

In this workshop you will learn how meditation works & how it can benefit you. Learn several simple techniques for your home meditation practise. And learn how to generally be more mindful in your everyday life.


WHEN: Friday 29th August
TIME:  6.30pm
COST:   $40
All levels welcome

Categories: Past Events