Class Descriptions

We teach for the love of Yoga. We know the practice works and we want to make it work for you. Choose the best fit class for where you are right now and we will help on our end by modifying where necessary to make the practice accessible & safe for you. 

Online Classes


For those kicking off their Yoga journey or wanting to refine the basics. A hatha Yoga class where sequencing focuses on basic Yoga poses to strengthen and stretch the body. Breathwork and relaxation are often included in this class.

Props needed – Always a mat and 2 blocks. Sometimes a bolster, a blanket and a strap.


A great intro or return to Yoga for those who prefer a gentle approach to Yoga, or if you are returning to exercise or are nursing an injury. Breathwork, gentle movement and a long relaxation makes for the perfect combination for those needing some ‘time-out’.

Props needed – Always a mat, and 2 blocks. Sometimes a bolster and blanket.

Progressive Hatha

A dynamic Hatha Yoga class. Each week we create a skeleton sequence a.k.a Level 1. Which through the week on Thurs & Sat will be added to with further variations and challenges. No need to attend all three classes, and for experienced Yogis you are welcome to start your week at Level 1-2 or Level 2.

Props needed – Always a mat. Sometimes 2 blocks, a bolster, a blanket and a strap.


Gentle & accessible Yoga for all. This class includes breath work, gentle movement and a restorative posture to finish.

Props needed – Always a mat, a blanket and a bolster. Sometimes 2 blocks and a chair.


A floor based class, where postures are held to release tension and create space in muscles and connective tissue. Restorative poses are included at the start and finish to soothe the nervous system.

Props needed – Always a mat, a blanket and a bolster. Sometimes 2 blocks.

Meditation Explorations

An opportunity to connect to self through the practices of meditation and mindfulness. Each class will include pranayama, meditation and a supported version of Savasana.

Props needed – Whatever is needed to feel comfortable sitting/lying. Perhaps a mat, or a chair or a cushion to sit on. Supported savasana may use a bolster or a blanket if you have one available.

Irest & Restorative Yoga

Based on the teachings of Richard Miller, Irest is a modern day take on the traditional practice of Yoga Nidra or ‘Yogic Sleep’. Irest combined with long held supported Restorative Yoga poses is a deeply nourishing and soothing practice. Suitable for all levels.

Props needed – A bolster, blanket, two blocks always. Sometimes a wall space & a chair or extra blankets.


$20 per Single Class Pass
$85 for a 5 Class Pass
$150 for a 10 Class Pass

Our passes last for 6 months giving you heaps of time to join our classes without the pressure of weekly payments or paying for classes you might miss due to illness or holidays. Passes offer not just great value, but also flexibility… kind of like Yoga itself 😉


Privates are available on request. We can schedule a private lesson to suit your timetable.

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