Class Descriptions

We teach for the love of Yoga. We know the practice works and we want to make it work for you. Choose the best fit class for where you are right now and we will help on our end by modifying where necessary to make the practice accessible & safe for you. 


Progressive Hatha

Hatha yoga is any class where you use breath and postures (that means pretty much ALL yoga classes are Hatha yoga) Hatha yoga often gets confused as an easy/gentle style of yoga, and while this can be true for some classes it isn’t accurate for all classes.

‘Progressive’ means that we move towards a particular ‘peak pose’ or group of poses each week. We work with a ‘skeleton’ class each week and then add on variations and transitions to make things more challenging as we move from Level 1 to Level 2. It’s a super fun and smart way to explore more challenging postures and develop an understanding of which more basic poses can become a base for this type of pose exploration.

We use word Hatha instead of Vinyasa because, despite the fact the majority of the class does ‘flow’, we don’t want to be locked into flowing from pose to pose to pose without the opportunity to stop and break down poses or work with partners.

You do not need to attend all the classes each week, and you do not need to have done the level 1 class to attend the 1/2 or 2 levels each week (just make sure you are still picking a level that suits your practise). Although many of our students attend all three levels and LOVE practising this way.

These practises are for those who are serious about their yoga but don’t take themselves too seriously! Level 1 classes are suitable for all levelsof practise. Levels 1/2 & 2 are best suited for those with some Yoga experience under their belt.

A more ‘passive’ way to practise Yoga. This class consists of floor work which combines gentle stretches along with long hold stretches, which are unique to Yin Yoga, to help ease aches and pains in the body. Breath work and the inclusion on Restorative Yoga poses help to soothe the nervous system making this the perfect class for those who need some ‘time out’. Suitable for all levels of experience.

A combination of gentle flowing movements from seated to standing and slow stretching and restorative yoga poses. Perfect for those new to yoga or getting back into exercise or those wanting to unwind from the stress of everyday life.
 Suitable for beginners & experienced Yogis who are after a ‘softer’ practise.

Find balance with a class that both strengthens and stretches the body. Entry level poses, easier transitions, basic breath work and mindfulness are used to give a well rounded practise. Get to know the poses and your body as you develop an understanding the basics of yoga practise. Suitable for beginners.


$20 per Class
$85 for a 5 Class Pass
$150 for a 10 Class Pass

Our passes last for 6 months giving you heaps of time to some along and join our classes without the pressure of weekly payments or paying for classes you might miss due to illness or holidays. Passes offer not just great value, but also flexibility…
kind of like Yoga itself 😉


Privates & Semi-Privates are available on request. We can schedule a private lesson to suit your timetable, or get together a group of friends and schedule a class just for you. Come to us, or we come to you!

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