Change, Challenge & Transformation

“And the day came, when the risk it took to stay tight inside the bud, was greater than the risk it took to bloom”

Here’s the thing abut change… It is profoundly challenging. Often we will struggle with & against it. But none of us can deny that change is essential for growth.

“Growth”. Many of us tell ourselves that we want to ‘grow’, but what does that really mean. Maybe if we are really honest what we often want with growth is to keep all of the things we like & get rid of the things we don’t like about our lives. But it simply doesn’t seem to work that way. Real growth will shift the things we don’t like but also the pleasures and the habits that we are attached to as well.

Even when we make the decision to change, for instance ending a relationship or starting a new job, making an extended overseas trip, we will still experience uncertainty, discomfort & fear. Any of us who are involved in a growth process will experience resistance of some kind.

In our practise we might find resistance literally in the tissues of our body as we move into deeper asana, some of us may even experience resistance to getting on our mat & practising at all. Or sometimes the resistance is to the changes to habits & lifestyles that impede our growth on this path.

Resistance is not always a bad thing. It teaches us where our habits & attachments lie. It teaches us where we are blocking ourselves & where we are self-inhibiting. But if we are overly resistant to change then we may find we are fighting a losing battle, we also risk becoming stagnant, being left behind as the ones we love change & evolve around us.

Better then to step into the drivers seat of our journey of transformation. What better way to steer the ship than through the practise of Yoga.

Yoga generates an energy that opens you up to possibilities & builds strength to assimilate change into your life. Yoga is a process that involves confronting your limits & transcending them. It is about finding that edge between growth & adventure, and holding onto security.

The process works like this: First we have to change, then we experience growth which in turns leads to transformation, which allows us then to actualise our potential.

And that’s how the transformation of yoga works. Yoga rather than changing who you are (the idea of which can be scary… a fear that you would change so deeply that you would lose touch with those you love & even yourself) actually makes you more yourself, the transformation opens you up to loving with a greater depth.

Our Yoga practise is experienced by us and no-one else. We steer the ship as we hone & refine our responses to the resistance of change in a way that releases our true essence. Yoga poses provide us with the training & practise in how to work with change rather than against it – simply by staying mindful.

Whether we are presented on or off the mat with changes we simply need to be present with ‘where we are now’ & ‘what is happening now’ to get where we want to be. If we can cultivate mindfulness right here & now then from this moment we can take the first incremental steps that will lead to transformation.

If we can plug into the ‘here & now’ in each moment, then we plug into the positive life energy that will move us forward. This force within us will fully contribute to the process of transition & transformation.

Rather than projecting where we need to be in our practise, if we connect to the ‘here & now’ then we can take the next step into a deeper, fuller expression of asana. If we connect to the ‘here & now’ then we can step into a deeper, fuller expression of ourselves.

“Yoga brings opening & movement deep within the very fibre of your body and expands consciousness. This self-transformation opens you up to a more profound relationship with life & also makes you a more aware & willing participant in your own evolutionary process”

Be here & now, but know that you are always moving forward.


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