Finding your Breath

A part of practising Yoga is about creating new habits, habits that serve us well and getting rid of the ones that don’t.

One of the habits that we are trying to create is the natural connection of mind and breath, or mind and spirit when we close our eyes.

In theory the more we practise Yoga the easier this connection should be to make. But those of you who have practised Yoga even for only a short time know that nothing in our practise is a given.

As we close our eyes and search for breath, quite often we find instead a mind that is bombarded with thought. Thoughts of the day that has passed or the days to come. Thoughts of things we have done and said or things that have been done or said to us, particularly if those things were unpleasant.

Letting go of these thoughts and connecting to breath can often only happen with the reassurance that these thoughts can wait & connecting to the breath will serve us now.

When you find you breath, greet it like you would an old dear friend. A friend who has been with you through every moment in your life, both good & bad. Even on those days where you might feel like the bad outweighs the good, your breath is still there, waiting to sooth & comfort you.

Just like an old friend your breath has always got a story to tell you. A story about who you are in this moment. And you breath will always greet you with honesty. The more time you spend with your breath, the easier it will become to translate its stories & decipher its messages.

At times when you feel lost, let your breath guide you. At times when you need support lean into your breath. At times when you feel alone, not that you are not, know that breath is spirit & spirit lives inside you always…..


“Our breath, like our heartbeat, is the most reliable rhythm in our lives. When we become attuned to this constant rhythm, our breath can gradually teach us to come back to the original silence of the mind” – Donna Farhi

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