Remembering our Greatness

Humans. Oh my we are the most curious creatures. For some reason it seems to be human nature to be our own worst critic & our greatest disbeliever. We are quick to doubt ourselves, quick to judge ourselves, quick to mock ourselves & quick to criticise ourselves.

There’s the old saying “Don’t be too hard on yourself”. But really why are we hard on ourselves at all?

Why are we so quick to criticise? Why is it not the norm that we are quick to encourage ourselves instead?

Why is it so rare that we give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done or at least a job well attempted?

One of the greatest opportunities we get on our mat, is the opportunity to remember & recognise our greatness.

In Brene Brown’s talk ‘The power of Vulnerability’ she says “The people that feel most loved are the one’s that feel they are worthy of love”.

Likewise the people in the world that achieve greatness or accomplish great things are the ones that feel they are worthy of greatness & capable of great things. The biggest disservice that we do to ourselves as human beings is to fail to recognise our intrinsic greatness.

The physical body can become a manifestation of the way we perceive ourselves to be. Think of how many teenage boys & girls who you see with slumped shoulders and gazes down. Their insecurity and uncertainty about who they are and what they stand for is visible without even having to speak to them. And these types of behaviours are not limited to teenagers either.

In our asana practise we have the opportunity to create a physical manifestation of confidence & recognition of our innate greatness.

Take for instance the action of ‘shoulder loop’ we allow ourselves to stand tall, to open our hearts and to let ourselves be seen, to see ourselves and our own greatness. The action of pelvic loop helps us to ground in the that belief.

Just as our emotional body can affect the manifestation of the physical body, so too can the actions of our physical body can affect the way we ‘think’ & ‘feel’ about ourselves.

Our practise helps us to not only to look for the good in the universe around us. But firstly and most importantly it helps us to look for the good in ourselves.

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