Donna Farhi ‘Bringing Yoga to Life’


This book instantly became my favourite. And still is my favourite having read it three times. I like to keep it handy so I can re-read paragraphs or chapters when I neen a little but of inspiration.

This is the first yoga book, that really spoke to me of the things I was looking for and finding on the mat. There is no pictures, no instructions, just words of wisdom and shared experience.

If you are wanting to look a little deeper into your practise & yourself, I highly recommend this book!

Bringing Yoga to Life
“An intelligent, down-to-earth discussion of how Yoga can meaningfully shape your day, by one of today’s most respected Western teachers”
-Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D., director of Yoga research and Education Center and author of The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga.

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