Lead me back to my original spirit on a trail of peaceful knowing

Extract from ‘Honouring Prayers of Voice’ by Pixie Lighthorse


Thank you for this day of boiling it down to the essence.

Download in me the mantras that eliminate confusion. Remind me of what I’m really after on this search, which leads me around in circles and cycles. Give me the patience to hear the simplest tune of your message. Help me honour the part of me that is ready and willing to know it. Help me share the kernels that come through with a friend or two who can appreciate a good pondering. May we shed a bit of light on each others unravelling threads.

Nurture my higher mind to override the broken model of thinking which leads to inner and outer war. As I reach for what clarifies me, help me to be open to the shifts good medicine brings. Expand me and contract me. Guide wings around my soul to carry me up to higher reason and back. Dust off my feathers and find me weightless with remembrance of why I am here – why we are all here.

Connect my dawnings like the great constellation of the cosmos. Distill my pantheon of thoughts, hope and dreams into clear and flowing language ready for communication.

Inspire me to take smaller bites, to digest the pieces one at a time, in a way that makes sense to me. Help me to release what is not crucial to my higher relations. Whisper clues about where you want me to go, and Ill chart my way into alignment with you.

Uncloud my foggy eyes, reveal new awareness so that I may be energised by lucid direction forward. Wipe away years of accumulated programming so that I may speak my own dialect, develop my own lexicon and distinguish who I am amonst others. Let me trust that the gems that sparkle brightest will help me concisely make my point.

Teach me to access the tracker in me, that which remains of my indigenous instinct. Help me follow the markers you have left for me to the answers I am seeking. Lead me back to my original spirit on a trail of peaceful knowing.



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