Studio Timetable

We are pleased to announce face-to-face classes are once again available at Yoga Therapies. As we transition back from Covid restrictions we will be offering our timetable both in the studio and as an online streaming option.

As always our priority is to serve our community. Should you wish to join our classes face to face please text Meaghan on 0415981729 to reserve a spot. Classes are limited to 12 people to make our space ‘Covid safe’. ALL studio classes will be live streamed until the 13th of June, after which time you must contact us if you would like to join a specific class from the comfort of your home.

Please see our weekly schedule below with meeting links to join our classes online. Class descriptions can be found here. Payment can be made through the links below or on our pass page. Or can be purchased via direct deposit into our bank account (contact Meaghan 0415981729 for details). Current pass holders, your passes will be valid for use in this virtual studio.

We understand that due to Covid-19, financial circumstances may get in the way of payment of classes, as always our priority is getting these Yoga practices to you (especially now in these times of great need), please feel free to contact Meaghan on 0415981729 if you need to apply for compassionate circumstances, which may include waiving of fees or a sliding scale for payment. 

In line with government guidelines we are limiting the the equipment shared by students. As many of our props have been ‘fostered’ out to our students, we now request if possible that you bring your own mat/props to class. If you do not own any a limited number are available at the studio.

Regarding the recommended Props for these classes. These are just guidelines. You can get creative and use what you have available to you at home. Please do not let a lack of props get in the way of joining us for practice.



9.00AM – Progressive Hatha – Level 1

5.30PM – Beginners


10.15AM – Gentle Yoga

3.30PM – Kids Yoga

5.30PM – Yin/Restorative


9.00AM – Progressive Hatha Level 1 – 2

5.30PM – Progressive Hatha Level 1 – 2


9.00AM – Yin / Restorative


8.00AM – Progressive Hatha Level 2

10.00AM – Beginners

Class Passes

Pass Validity

Our five and ten class passes offer the best value for your money. To provide you with the most amount of flexibility you can use your passes to join any of our classes (special events and courses excluded). 

Passes have a validity of six months to ensure you have plenty of time to join us for practice.

How to use Zoom and join our Online classes

  1. Download the Zoom app or sign up on your computer. You will only need the basic/free membership to access out classes.
  2. Make sure you have completed the online registration form.
  3. Payment is required before class starts. Passholders make sure your pass is up to date. Casual attendees purchase passes here. And of course compassionate circumstances are being offered at this stage, make sure you have touched base with Meaghan 0415981729 if you require this.
  4. Click on the class you would like to join, if you are not already on Zoom it will direct you to download Zoom. Once you have Zoom the classroom will be sent into the ‘waiting room’. Please be patient while your teacher mark off attendees and lets you in.
  5. You have the choice of enabling (which is nice for us to see you) or disabling your video. You will still be able to see the teacher even if your video is disabled.
  6. Please enable your audio so you can hear us too. You will be automatically muted as you enter the class, however if you would like to say hi to your teacher you can temporarily unmute yourself. 
  7. Preview your video to make sure everything is working
  8. Once the class has finished you can unmute yourself to say goodbye and leave the class as you are ready.

Tips for online practice

  • Please complete the online registration form before joining our online studio. This applies to new and existing students and only needs to be completed once.
  • Please download the Zoom app and familiarise yourself with its features before your first class. You can use Zoom on your phone, but a laptop or tablet will give you more screen space to see your teacher.
  • You can choose whether your video is enabled or not. You will be able to see the teacher and it would be great for your teacher to be able to see you, but not necessary. Please consider that our ability to see you and adjust your posture is now limited. Practise in a safe way that honours your body.
  • To ensure the sound quality is at its best during class your audio will be muted. However if you would like to say hi to your teacher before or after class you can un-mute yourself. We do ask however that you go back to mute while the class is in session. For optimal sound quality our virtual studio will not be playing music. 
  • As with a regular class we ask that you arrive 5 -10 mins early. Have your space set up and props within easy reach. Your teacher will let you know what props you are likely to need during practice.
  • Classes will run as per the schedule listed on the website. However as always we recommend that you follow us on facebook to have a weekly and up to date list of the classes that will be offered. We are mindful during this time that you may not be able to make your usual class time and so we are aiming to have recordings available for a limited amount of time after the class finishes. Please be patient while we figure out this feature. Once available you can contact Meaghan 0415981729 for the link. 
  • Payment for all classes is still required. For current pass holders your attendance will be marked off on your pass. For casual classes and new pass purchases you can make payment via the link on the website (or continue to deposit directly into the Yoga Therapies bank account, please text Meaghan 0415981729 to let her know your have made payment)
  • We understand this may be a steep learning curve for some of you, as it is with us. We may initially experience niggles while we figure all of this out. We ask for your patience and perseverance while we adjust to this new way of sharing practise together