For many people both new to & experienced in yoga, asana alignment can seem like a confusing & daunting concept to try and remember & incorporate into practise. After years of practising yoga I discovered the 5 Anusara Universal principles of Alignment, and after incorporating these principles I have noticed that I am more mentally focused & so much stronger in my practise. I can achieve poses that I never before even dreamed of doing!

The Anusara lineage of yoga introduced the 5 Universal Principles of alignment. Which have been used not only to create safety in ones yoga practise by bringing you into better alignment. But have been used to strengthen and deepen people’s asana practise around the world.

The beauty of these alignment principles is that there are only 5 to remember and they are simple and can be applied to all of the physical asanas.

In learning to apply these principles to your practise you will create stability and safety on the mat as well as deepening your sense of freedom to explore the potential of your body peacefully.

In this 2 part workshop we will learn the basic elements of each of the 5 principles in sequence, through lecture, demonstration & asana practise.

This workshop is suitable for people with only a few months experience right up to those who have been practising for years. If you want to practise your Yoga in an intelligent way or a looking to deepen your yoga practise then this is one workshop not to be missed!

Sunday 20th January
Yoga Therapies Studio
Part 1 @ 8:30am
Part 2 @ 1:30pm

What to bring: This is a practise based workshop, so you really only need to bring some water & a small towel. We will have a 1.5 hour break so that you can rest, feed & refresh yourself before the afternoon session.

Please call Meaghan on 0415 981 729 for further information or to secure your place.

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