Little Yogis

Children are born yogis. They are flexible, live in the present moment and are curious to explore their physical body, emotions and the world around them. Through Yoga we can provide children opportunities to learn, grow and be reminded of their innate perfection.

Here are some other great benefits your child can gain through Yoga practise:

Cardiovascular exercise in a non-depleting way
Improves respiratory system
Builds muscular strength & bone density
Improves co-ordination and balance & Posture
Reduces anxiety, offers techniques for calming down
Encourages mental focus and concentration
Instils a spiritual and moral awareness
Social connection
…..oh and fun

Join us for this interactive Kids Yoga workshop. Children will be given the opportunity to explore & play using Yoga asanas. As well as getting a taste for other aspects of Yoga inculding breathing & meditation. Parents are invited to observe, or even better join in on the fun!!

When: Wednesday 23rd Jan @ 9:30am
Cost: $20
Ages: 5 & up

To book please contact Meaghan on 0415 981 729

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