Steps to Stress Less

In today’s busy lifestyle stress is often such a constant companion that it has become ‘normal’ to us or even ‘what is expected’.

For many of us the signs & symptoms of stress are so subtle that we may not even recognise that we are stressed. And for others the signs & symptoms of stress are so increased that they regularly disrupt our enjoyment of everyday life.

Living with a constant state of stress can have damaging impacts on both our physical health as well as our mental/emotional wellbeing.

If you value the importance of good health and think that you may be suffering from stress. Join us for this interactive workshop where you will learn about the different aspects of this commonly used but little understood term ‘STRESS’.

Registered Nurse Su Wilmott & Yoga Teacher Meaghan Collins are coming together to share their knowledge with you.

Su will give you a deeper understanding of stress covering topics such as: What is it? What does it feel like? What causes it? What’s its Impact? How much is too much? What can we do about it?

Meaghan will take you through a journey of recognising where in the body we hold stress, learning simple relaxation techniques for both the body & the mind and breathing practices to help release & reduce stress.

Take your first steps to ‘Stressing Less!’

Saturday 2nd february
Yoga Therapies Studio

What to bring: Please bring a pen and paper & wear comfortable clothing as some time will be spent lying on the floor for relaxation.

Please call Meaghan on 0415 981 729 for further information or to secure your place. RSVP essential by 26th January.

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