Pondering Potential

“Consult not your fears, but your hopes & dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you’ve tried and failed, but with what it is still possible for you to do.” – Pope John XXIII

At the start of June our month long ‘Karma Yoga’ classes begun. Meaning that for all of this month 10% of every class will be donated to a local charity. This is a continuation of the fundraising efforts we undertook last year. Before I started fundraising through Yoga Therapies I never really gave fundraising much thought. It’s not that I didn’t participate, if someone was selling raffle tickets I would buy some, or if a friend was growing a moustache for ‘Movember’ I would donate. But I never really gave much thought into how I could make a difference or initiate some fundraising myself.

In last years efforts we managed to raise funds for and help 6 different charities, most of whom were local to the community. The sums of money we raised weren’t HUGE, but they were still able to make a difference to peoples lives. What we did as a small Yoga community still had POTENTIAL to serve & to help.

The idea of Potential is one that definately deserves some consideration in our yoga practise. And the potential of even the little things we do in our lives to serve others and to evolve ourselves also needs some recognition.

I think as human beings we have UNLIMITED potential within us. Unfortunately for some this potential is never realised or actualised. I believe the reason for this comes down to enquiry and belief in oneself. Many people simply just dont give it any thought (just as I didn’t give fundraising much thought). The questions of “who am I?” “what do I want to be?” “what am I capable of?” “how can i serve others?” are simply never raised in some peoples lives.

Or maybe they do make those enquiries, but are then plagued with self-doubt. “Oh I could never do that” “I wouldn’t know where to start” “It’s all just a dream”. So often we focus on what we can’t do, or what we’ve tried and failed, rather than thinking of all the ways we have suceeded or could suceed.

As Yogis we are given the unique gift or making enquiries into our potential. We are given extra insight into how much we are capable of, because of the time we spend on our mat. All of us at some stage or another have had poses we found challenging or even impossible. And then suddenly we find they have become possible. Well I probably shouldn’t say the word ‘suddenly’ because there is no such thing as ‘suddenly’ on the yoga mat. We might work on those poses for months or even years. And it is each and every practise, each and every pose, each and every breath & every intention that we create that brings us to a place on the mat (and off) where the seemingly impossible are acutally very acheivable.

We get opportunities as Yogis, everytime we come to practise, to ask ourselves “who am I?” “what am I capable of?” “what do I want to achieve?”, and then we get to experiment with those answers. We get to challenge ourselves & to move deeper into our fullest potential everytime we step on the mat.

Sometimes it is in the big moments in our practise (or our lives) the big acheivements that we’ve worked so hard for, that we realise just how much potential we have. And sometimes it is in the very quiet moments, where we might just sit in silence with only our breath for company, that we realise who it is we truly are and how much we can acheive if we believe in ourselves … so listen to your heart, it wants to shine….


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